Room Service

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Mercure Breakfast R$48,00

Coffee or tea, milk, yogurt, juice, breads, your choice of eggs, bacon or sausage, tomato, fruits and side dishes.

Orange Salad R$34,90

Iceberg lettuce, chicken, parmesan cheese, croutons and caesar dressing.

Light Salad R$34,90

Seasoned leaves, ricotta, apple and palm hearts

24h Caesar Salad R$36,00

Iceberg lettuce, chicken, parmesan cheese, croutons and Caesar dressing

Clementina’s Insalata R$36,90

Dry tomatoes, arugula, buffalo mozzarella cheese and lettuce

Burrata Caprese R$47,90

Burrata cheese, tomatoes, pesto sauce and season leaves

Broths and soups served with a variety of bread.
24h Chicken soup R$26,50

Rice, potato, white carrot, and chicken.

Palm cream R$28,90

Palm heart, white sauce and croutons

Pastas and risottos are served with appetizers.
Pasta of choice R$37,90

Pastas: Penne rigate, farfalle, espaguete e talharim.

Your preference for sauce
Risoto à Mineira R$38,00

Risotto with typical cheese, cabotida pumpkin and arugula

Banana gnochi R$38,90

Banana gnochi with tomato sauce and cream cheese

Fettuccine with shrimp and vodka R$63,90

Fettuccine in the white sauce, accompanied by shrimp flambé

Served with mixed greens or French fries.
24h Double grilled sandwich R$24,00

Bread, ham and cheese

24h Omelet R$27,00

Omelet with ham, cheese and tomato accompanied by salad

24h House pancake R$28,00

Pancake stuffed with turkey breast and cheese in red sauce

24h Club Sandwich R$32,00

Filet mignon, egg, ham, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes, with fries

24h Mercure Burger R$34,00

Bread, top sirloin hamburger, shitake mushrooms, brie cheese, bacon and pickles, with fries

Main dishes are served with appetizers.
Vegetable spaghetti with pomodoro R$27,00

Zucchini, chayote and carrots with tomato sauce

Grilled chicken R$38,00

Filet of chicken, vegetables and tomato and mango vinaigrette

Marguerita Chicken R$38,00

Chicken, red sauce, potatoes, mashed potatoes and spring rice

Flavor of Minas R$38,90

Tuscan sirloin, pork loin, cream of corn, bean “tutu” and white rice

Filet Poivre R$42,00

Grilled filet with potatoes with rosemary and white rice

Salmon with passion fruit R$48,00

Grilled salmon, passion fruit cream and grilled vegetables

24h Breaded beef tenderloin R$49,00

Served with mixed greens.

Medalion with shimeji R$54,00

Risotto of dried tomatoes and arugula, medallions and shimeji

Picanha with bean blade R$68,90

Grilled picanha, bean and bacon farofa and fried banana

Season fruit R$18,00
Papaya cream and cassis liquor R$19,90
Petit gateau and ice creams R$22,00
Monte seu prato escolhendo: R$26,90
01 Protein

Chicken, filet mignon or tilapia

02 Dishes

white rice, rice with vegetables, beans, broccoli, potato chips, mashed potatoes and spaguethi in butter, pomodoro or four cheeses

01 Dessert

Fruit salad, dulce de leche or ice cream

Mineral and sparkling water R$6,00
Soft drink R$7,00
Natural juice R$9,00
Nationation beer R$9,50
Premium beer R$10,50
Energy drink R$15,90
Whisky 8 years R$26,40
Whisky 12 years R$28,50
National vodka R$13,00
Imported vodka R$19,90
Caipirinha R$17,90
Liquor R$8,00
Cofee with milk R$9,90
Cappuccino R$9,00
Imported tea R$19,90